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 Ghosts and Spirits................ ARE in the Bible 

I write this to show the religious that yes, the bible does contain ghosts, or "spirits." I feel it necessary to correct the mis-thinking that religion has created by stating, "ghosts are impossible...because when one dies, they are either in heaven or hell." This is incorrect. First of all, heaven is simply the realm of spirit; and hell is the state of a mind bound by fear created through mis-thinking.

Religious doctrines create much of the fear that places people in a self-created hell or prison of the mind. Secondly, ghosts are possible because the spirit realm and physical realm co-exist; yet are on different planes. Thirdly, some ghosts may not be people on the other side; they could be residual energy or thoughts left over from traumatic or emotional past events. The bible is full of "paranormal" activity...why not ghosts?

Ghosts and spirits are one in the same - they are people on the other side of the the afterlife, if you will. They are common in scripture, if you look for them mentioned within the bible. One of the first verses that most are aware of is in I Samuel 28:15, where Saul has a medium, "call up" the prophet Samuel from the other side of the grave:

"And Samuel saith to Saul, Why hast thou troubled me, to bring me up?"

Most christians will bury their heads and come up with an excuse for this scripture that God allowed this for one occasion. Or they may say this wasn't a ghost but Samuel was resurrected back to life. Or they may even say that this wasn't Samuel at all, but a deception from the woman - a trick. Yet, the scripture is very clear that this was Samuel; and as Samuel had died and crossed over to the other side...that would make him a spirit or ghost.. This passage should also plainly show that mediums can have contact with people on the other side. This medium, whom Saul used, saw many people on the other side, when she was calling up Samuel. One should also note in this verse, that Samuel had maintained his form of an old man wearing a mantel, just like many documented ghost sightings of apparitions, report the ghost to be dressed in "period dress" from their own time era, here on earth.

Moving into the new testament, we see Jesus having "appeared" to many after his resurrection. To "appear" indicates the idea of manifesting from the invisible to the visible, just as a spirit or ghost might manifest, from the spirit to the physical realm. It is interesting to note that he "appeared" to Simon (Luke 24:34); and he "appeared" to Mary Magdalene (Mark 16:9). Jesus "appeared" to two of his followers in a different form that was not recognizable to them. What? I mean they had a conversation with him and still didn't recognize Jesus physically! Yes, the scripture says:

Mark 16:12, " two of them, as they are going into a field, walking, he was manifested in another form."

He also "appeared" to the eleven disciples and stood in the midst of them during their conversation (Luke 24:36). Can you imagine that? He manifested right before their eyes from the realm of spirit. But what is interesting to note is Jesus' statement concerning their fear of him "appearing" right before their eyes:

Luke 24:39 "...handle me and see, because a spirit does not have flesh and bones, as you see me having."

Well, at first blush, one might argue, hey, Jesus wasn't a spirit or ghost because he had flesh and bone. I would have to agree, but I might add that Jesus still was "appearing" like a ghost or spirit might do. Does flesh and bone "appear" out of thin air? However, the biggest point might be missed if one does not consider Jesus' statement further, about not being a spirit or ghost...he was in effect stating that spirits (ghosts) do exist, but that he was not like them!

This common belief in ghosts is found in another new testament passage, as well. You may remember Jesus walking on the water towards his disciples who were in a boat on the sea. The verse in Matthew 14:26 states:

"and the disciples having seen him walking upon the sea, were troubled saying, 'It is an apparition,' and from the fear they cried out."

Apparitions were obviously believed to exist and even by the followers of Jesus who were learning rapidly about the spirit realm from him. Other people obviously believed in ghosts during Jesus' time on earth, because they "appeared" in the city of Jerusalem after Jesus' resurrection:

Matthew 27:52-53, "and the tombs were opened, and many bodies of the saints who have fallen asleep, arose; and having come forth out of the tombs after Jesus' rising, they went into the holy city and appeared to many."

The writer of Hebrews, (probably the apostle Paul) mentions the fact of spirits being all around us, in Hebrews 12:1,

"Therefore, we also having so great a cloud of witnesses set around us."

This to me, is confirmation of the spirit and physical realms co-existing with one another, but on different planes. It is a spiritual truth, that what exists here on earth, must first exist in the spirit realm; for spirit is the life-giving force behind all. And that spirit is God. God is life. The bible proclaims in the Lord's prayer,

"On earth (physical realm), as it is (first) in heaven (the realm of spirit)."

But there is one last bible passage I wish to share that many overlook that proves the manifestation of spirits from the spirit realm into this physical world. That verse can be found in Mark 9:4, in the famous Mount of Transfiguration passage:

"and there appeared to them, Elijah with Moses, and they were talking with Jesus."

Wow! This passage not only proves that spirits can manifest here, but it shows a very important spiritual truth, as well. Jesus spoke with people on the other side of the grave. Therefore, those on the other side of the grave can speak to us! The religious will try and explain this passage away; but the fact remains, it is not only possible for ghosts to exist, but Jesus, who is to be our example, shows us some spirits communicate with us! Why did Jesus choose only to reveal this truth to James, John and Peter? To us, this truth has been spoken against by traditional christian doctrine for years. Yet, Jesus felt it important enough to reveal to these three disciples what was really going on "behind the scenes." Jesus seemed to understand quite a lot about what was going on "behind the veil" of this physical world. Perhaps, we should follow his example and not fear ghosts; but seek to understand the truth of the spirit realm.

I have to add here in conjunction with this.  My mothers sister has been a nun since the age of 13 coming right out of 8th grade,a nd heading right into the convent where she still is.    I have had many many talks with my aunt regarding her take on the paranormal and her take of the whole "religion" aspect of this in what we do.  Interestingly enough my aunt has experienced things in this house and has also tried to exorcize them out of here too, along with numerous prayers, holy water and the like. to the point of doing her own EXORSISM   Now, tell me that a woman of the cloth that what shouldn't even believe this stuff, let alone be a party to it huh??   

I have my aunt on video in which I hope to post this clip of her doing these blessings and just amazed that the thermometer that she is holding drops 10 degrees in nothing flat, along with the cold presence that accompanies this residual haunting here.   This "residual" has happened for years in RIPS HQ probably for the past 20 yrs. at least.   She is a member of the cloth, she is a firm believer in God and Christ.... yet she believes this that we do here also?  She has in her own powers blessed this house, numerous times.  I am hoping to post this video clip soon.

People have ridiculed us for NOT being religious, and that is sooooo wrong.  All of us do believe in God, his creatures, and his powers and we are very religious people in our own ways.  As it does state in the Bible in which we are all firm believers in........ there is as much good as there is bad, hello??   Maybe we might be condemned by others since some of us don't believe in organized religion so to speak, but the notion that we aren't religious people is totally off the mark....... because we all truly are.  All of our equipment has been blessed by my Spiritual Advisor Reverend Ruth Ann Larson, and in which we do pray before each and every investigation......... and also say a short prayer when we are completed also.

Another ironic thing that my nun aunt told me after one of my good friends committed suicide (and this was well over 20 years ago)...... she told me WHERE he would be held captive in his own "purgatory" so to speak, considering the consequences, and yes she was right!  We have encountered this guy numerous times, and not just this group but innocent people that had no idea of what to expect of him or his presence either.  These are events that I do hope to document, and happened to non-believers at the time, but ya know after this they DO!!!!   

NOW, would any Catholic nun that didn't believe in this type of "woo woo" still even remotely do this or give her loving niece this type of advice., I think NOT!!  This just is more documentation that we have and stands to reasoning behind all that we are standing behind also.   Makes me wonder in a sense since the Catholics as myself weren't really allowed to read the Bible.... makes me go.............. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?  

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I just wanted to talk about religion here and signs that are given to us and what their meanings mean and what we can preceive from them?? What is the reasoning behind them or who or what is trying to tell us something or anything for that matter then?  These are three religious symbols that were all given to me here at RIPS HQ...... and I so wonder WHY though?? 

I had a member of The WIPS (Western Illinois Paranormal Society) staying here with me at RIPS HQ. It was nothing for either or both of us to see orbs flying down the hallways here, hear glass breaking or bangs on the inside walls at any time of the day or night.   I met him years ago as being a paranormal investigator and we did become great online friends....... in fact The WIPS is a sister group of The RIPS.

The FIRST sign or religious symbol came to us when he happened to find an old ornate crucifix between the walls of one of the garages that we were in the process of tearing down. I have never in my life seen this crufix or have any clue as to why this was between the walls of this garage. ..... enter sign or symbalism # 1.

The SECOND sign or religious symbol came when one of the garage roofs came down to the ground and there was a set of keys that had a religious medal attatched to the key ring...... but WHY would a set of keys such as that be on the roof of any building though? These were keys that I again have never seen or as of today have no idea what they do belong too. ............. enter sign or symbalism # 2.

The THIRD sign or religious symbol came when I happened to be chilly here and we went upstairs to one of the bedrooms where I had stacked all of these clothes on hangers out of one of the closets that I had cleaned out. I saw a black sweater and reached for it, and in doing so a rosary just FELL into my hand........... and this was my mother's rosary that we have been unable to locate and she has been gone from us now for almost 17 years. This just FELL into my hand....... it's a beautiful rosary and one that we did want her to be buried with since that was made by her sister my aunt that has been a nun since the age of 13. This rosary has also been blessed by the bishop.............. enter sign or symbalism # 3.

WHAT do they mean though? When he was staying here with me....... I was asleep one night and awoke to some strange thing, and very evil thing sitting at my feet. You know the feeling when you are a kid and totally scared to death to move? I could NOT move, breathe, or utter a word out of my mouth and NO I was not sleeping here either. That lasted for probably 5 minutes and I was totally terrified. I will NEVER forget the gold looking slit eyes that "IT" did have........... something such as a goats eyes.

Are these my people so to speak coming through to protect me here or the likes of us all in this house........ seriously?? As when we did an investigation here and do have EVP's on our EVP page here..... with some deep dark evil entity stating............ "GET OUT"......... and another one stating, "YOU THINK I'M STUPID" it IS that same voice. We don't have on the this page though however  the other EVP's stating from that evening when asked just who or what was here and on that particular EVP clip there is something saying, "ssshhhh you will wake it up"........ and also when asked a name................... they DO clearly state the name of "SAVONIA". We have searched through many many names of demons and do not come up with that name mentioned. Please go to our EVP page and hear this VOICE.

What does all of this mean though? I have grown up in this house, and never have I been hurt. I have been slapped, had my hair pulled, and been kicked in the butt......... but NEVER seriously hurt here. It was nothing for us to hear growls in the hallway , and not from my two little dogs here either..... they just usually bark at a closed door or sit and growl in front of us down the hallway at nothing. Or the cat with get up on his haunches and look at something that we all can't see here. I know my sister, my brother and my nephew have encountered this THING upstairs. My sister thinks I am crazy for even being here, but ey....... it's home and I love this house!!!!

BTW........ that rosary of my moms I carry religiously with me at all times, the crucifix I do have and that is here with us also........ the keys now I still don't know what they could BE to??



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What would you do as a Paranormal Investigative Team do if you were called in or summoned to try to do any exorcism? We have been approached to help in now two different investigations that the person requesting our help has truly felt as though they really needed an exorcism here.

The first one that requested our help was from a young woman who wrote to our team and requested any kind of help that we felt that we could provide. She told and wrote to us of the different strange things that were happening to her and that no one would even give her the time of day. That she had contacted local authorities, the police and the like because of the strange things happening in her apartment and only to her.

Granted most if not ALL of my team here are very highly religious people. Most if not all are also non - practicing in which I don't feel that there is any problem with that though. I myself have a very strict Catholic upbringing background and I DO attribute that background to the reasoning that I do not attend church NOW.

ALL of our equipment has been blessed by our Spiritual Minister that is a very dear friend of mine that is also an associated member of The RIPS. She told me from the get go when we first met how important this WAS in what we did and I truly do believe her also. We do pray upon entering any place of investigation plus we also say a prayer upon our departure as well..... which I do stand strict upon here for reasons that I have witnessed. I had a man of our team just totally flip out and become ........ I dunno.....?? " POSSESSED"?? He ended up in a mental ward for quite sometime here, sad but true.

I DO believe in a higher being but when ever I did feel or thought the need to converse with a GOD then I would rather go out into the woods on a long hike and talk to him directly. I have written several entries on how infamous religion does play into my feelings and those of my team here as to how we do interpret organized religion into this what we do ........ here. And these entries that I have written about on our website were actually influenced by my dear aunt who is still alive and has been a nun since the tender age of 13. 

NOW......... for this poor woman I have had contact with a very highly religious sector of Paranormal Investigators and they hopefully are helping her here now as we speak. GOD I sure hope so. Although there ARE what we should all be aware of and that is ....... "haunted people".
The second one is quite sad to say the least here. We have a case where we were called in for a very young girl that was witnessing alot of strange things and we truly do believe that her parents for one and the influence of MOST around this poor girl attributed to this misconception. I CAN'T write any details here in particular about this poor little girl here....... because of breach of confidentiality here........ and we have yet to do this home again but will soon.

BUT....... I will tell you all this ....... that this poor little girl was very convinced and also scared to death...... when her mother had taken her to one minister who told the mother that this little girl was possessed. Another minister or person of the cloth also told this family with this little girls knowledge that they DID need an exorcism!!!!!!!! AHHH but the mother didn't seek out any priest so to speak of but sought out the help from us here.

 I really hope that the one woman that sought out our help has gotten the appropriate help from the group that I did send to her. And as for the little girl I KNOW that during this investigation that we did make an valid impression on her as well as helping her parents help this poor girl as well. Just wondering here how many of you PI's have come across these situations?

It's times such as these that I wish that my dear aunt was capable of traveling and could come along with us here now. HAD we had such requests say .......... 15 years ago then I KNOW she could have therefore been beneficial to helping these people out then. .......................... Kay

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