The R-I-P-S

Researchers-In-Paranormal-Specters Streator, Illinois



If you are  interested in joining The RIPS team then please do contact us as we are always welcoming "new" members to join our research team.  We are located in Streator, Illinois but do have outside members from neighboring towns too as well.  We are welcome to any new members that feel can benefit our research team,  and any of you that just feel that you could benefit from becoming apart of The RIPS too then.

We are a very diverse group that YES do rely on the power of prayers for protection during each and every investigation.  We do not advise or promote the use of any ouija boards or seances to contact and communicate with the afterlife.  We investigate each and every place with respect for not only the homeowner or property owner but with high reguard for the dearly departed that we try to connect with and communicate with then. 

We have many different religions and walks of life that are members of this team which we do highly encourage.   We feel that  in order to promote what we are setting out there to prove or to disprove, diversity is the key.    Many that have come with us out of curiosity and  after later joined  the team came in only as skeptics, perhaps they had to face their own "fears"..... but when given the task of disproving our beliefs have become members but have also been there to"try" to  answer their own questions then.  

Membership requirement is that anyone applying to join our team must be 18 yrs. of age or older to join,  and membership dues are as follows:  which are $30.00 per member annualy.  The dues collected contribute to maintaining this website, and other outside expensenes that we incure IE: gas money for investigations,batteries, audio tapes, 35 mm film and developing of pictures, video tapes......... and other major equipment purchases. 

Please contact us in you are interested in becoming a RIPS member for consideration of joining our family team. 


CHAPTER RIPS Group Membership:

We have branched out and now not only have our NY RIPS chapter group members, but also now have become international with  The Scotland RIPS which both have their own respective pages.  Dues to have a Chapter Membership are as follows:  $30.00 per team per year annualy which helps defray costs for the website then as well. 

If any paraormal groups want to join The RIPS and have a Chapter Membership which also will feature your own private page on this website dedicated to your respective group with results published about your team investigations........ then please contact us with all of your teams information. 

We also help in finding perspective investigative places for chapter teams, as well as contact information  for other members to join their teams.  This is a service that we try to provide as we are well connected to many paranormal groups within the United States as well as in other countries.  Also we provide guidelines to follow when entering this field of research and forms needed in order to do this within the respected laws.

Please consider becoming a RIPS family team member and email us at the following address for consideration......... thanks The RIPS Team. 

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