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Halloween Legends, Myths, Superstitions, & Modern Day Practices

We decided to do a Halloween page here dedicated to the legends, myths, truths, and the history on Halloween.....which of course is our favorite holiday of the year.  We are just trying to not only educate people on this very important holiday, but to also warn parents who take their little ones out on this fateful annual holiday ...and those that mess around with the macabe and do not really know what they are messing with and inviting in then because of. 

Lets begin with how this national annual holiday did begin and the origins of Halloween.   

History of Halloween:

The term Halloween is shortened from All Hallows' Eve, as it is the eve of "All Hallows' Day", which is now also known as All Saints' Day. It was a day of religious festivities in various northern European Pagan traditions, until Popes Gregory III and Gregory IV moved the old Christian feast of All Saints' Day from May 13 (which had itself been the date of a pagan holiday, the Feast of the Lemures to November 1.

In the ninth century, the Church measured the day as starting at sunset, in accordance with the Florentine calendar. Although All Saints' Day is now considered to occur one day after Halloween, the two holidays were, at that time, celebrated on the same day.

Liturgically, the Church traditionally celebrated that day as the Vigil of All Saints, and, until 1970, a day of fasting as well. Like other vigils, it was celebrated on the previous day if it fell on a Sunday, although secular celebrations of the holiday remained on the 31st. The Vigil was suppressed in 1955, but was later restored in the post-Vatican II calendar.

Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic Festival... known as Samheim, from the Old Irish ... Samain. The festival of Samhain is a celebration of the end of the harvest season in Gaelic culture, and is sometimes regarded as the Celtic New Year. Traditionally, the festival was a time used by the ancient pagans to take stock of supplies and slaughter livestock for winter stores.

The ancient Gaels believed that on October 31, now known as Halloween, the boundary between the alive and the deceased dissolved, and the dead become dangerous for the living by causing problems such as sickness or damaged crops. The festivals would frequently involve bonfires, into which bones of slaughtered livestock were thrown. Costumes and masks were also worn at the festivals in an attempt to mimic the evil spirits or placate them.

Pope Gregory IV standardized the date of All Saints' Day, or All Hallows' Day, on November 1 in the name of the entire Western Church in 835. As the church day began at sunset, the holiday coincided exactly with Samhain. It is claimed that the choice of date was consistent with the common practice of leaving pagan festivals and buildings intact ... while overlaying a Christian meaning.

However, no reliable documentation indicates such a motivation in this case. While the Celts might have been content to move All Saints' Day from their own previous date of April 20, the rest of the world celebrating it on May 13.  It is then speculated without evidence that they were unwilling to give up their pre-existing autumn festival of the dead and continued to celebrate Samhain.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is by far finished....more information and content to follow!!! 



We can not warn people enough on the dangers of using and dabbling with the Ouija Board.  Although Ouija Boards are viewed by some to be a simple toy, there are people who believe them to be very harmful, including Edgar Cayce, who called them"dangerous."  We, including many others do warn people that "evil demons" pretend to be cooperative ghosts in order to trick players into becoming spiritually possessed. 

We strongly discourage the use of these altogether for many know not what they can summon up and open up doors that you do NOT want opened, trust us when we warn this.  Because there are those on the other side who we truly do believe lay in wait for that particular opportunity to be able to come through onto this plane.   

Some practitioners claim to have had bad experiences related to the use of talking boards by being haunted by "demons," seeing apparitions of spirits, and hearing voices after using them. A few paranormal researchers and we are one of these groups, claim that the majority of the worst cases of so-called demon harassment and possession are caused by the use of Ouija boards.  Fact being that demonologists  state that "séances and Ouija boards and other occult paraphernalia are dangerous because 'evil spirits' often disguise themselves as your loved ones—and take over your life.

Many Christians hold the belief that using a Ouija board allows communication with demons, which they say is Biblically forbidden as a form of divination. Some people who claim to have been oppressed by evil spirits after using a board say that they could only get rid of these problems after Christian deliverance.   Many Christians believe that no dead person's soul can be summoned, and that the only summoned spirits are demons who are trying to harm humans.  We do not go as far to say that but just a fair warning to anyone who might want to dabble and mess around with any Ouija Board ..... we cannot stress the dangers of enough!!! 





Seances are an attempt to communicate with spirits,  specifically for a meeting of people who are gathered to receive messages from ghosts or spirits or to listen to a spirit medium discourse with or relay messages from spirits. Receiving these so called messages generally take place in well lit Spiritualist churches or outdoors at Spiritualist camps  an ordained minister or gifted contact medium will relate messages from the dead to the living. 

Generally Spiritualist message services or demonstrations of the continuity of life,  are open to the public. Sometimes the medium stands to receive messages and only the sitter is seated .... in some churches, the message service is preceded by a "healing service" involving some form of faith healing.

Leader-assisted seances are generally conducted by small groups of people, with participants seated around a table in a dark or semi-dark room. The leader is typically proclaimed to be a medium, and they may go into a trance that is suppose to allow the spirits to communicate through them, conveying messages to the other participants. 

Again we do stress strongly if you do NOT know what you are truly doing or are not a spiritualist medium ...... then please do NOT attempt to communicate with spirits, ghosts or anything because of the reprocussions that yes we do feel and stand behind can cause. 

Among those with an interest in the occult, a tradition has grown up of conducting séances outside of any religious context and without a leader. Sometimes only two or three people are involved, and, if they are young, they may be using the séance as a way to test their understanding of the boundaries between reality and the paranormal. This is so very dangerous and we do warn other groups that aren't as experienced in the paranormal field as we are..... then do NOT try this!! 


In folklore, "Bloody Mary" is a game in which a ghost of the same name (or sometimes other names, such as "Mary Worth") is said to appear in a mirror when summoned. One of the more common ways participants attempt to make her appear is to stand before a mirror in the dark (most commonly in a bathroom) and repeat her name three times, though there are many variations.

Some include chanting a hundred times, chanting at midnight, spinning around, rubbing one's eyes, running the water, or chanting her name thirteen times with a lit candle. In some versions of the legend, the summoner must say, "Bloody Mary, I killed your son!" or "I killed your baby." In these variants, Bloody Mary is often believed to be the spirit of a mother (often a widow) who murdered her children, or a young mother whose baby was stolen from her, which made her go mad in grief and she eventually committed suicide.

In stories where Mary is supposed to have been wrongly accused of killing her children, the querent might say "I believe in Mary Worth." This is similar to another game involving the summoning of the Bell Witch in a mirror at midnight. The game is often a test of courage, as it is said that if Bloody Mary is summoned, she would proceed to kill the summoner in an extremely violent way, such as ripping his or her face off, scratching his or her eyes out, driving the person insane or bringing the person into the mirror with her.

Some versions say that if you chant her name thirteen times at midnight into a mirror she will appear and you can talk to a deceased person until 12:01, when Bloody Mary and the dead person you asked to speak to will vanish. Other variations say that the querent must not look directly at her, but at her image in the mirror; she will then reveal the querent's future, particularly concerning marriage and children.

Anther told verison of this is that a towns local Dr. and his wife had an only child, a daughter named Mary. As a teen, Mary came down with Diptheria, which was incurable at the time. The Dr. pronounced his child dead and felt they needed to bury her right away. They buried the girl in a wooden coffin and tied a string to her wrist, threading it up through the ground and tying the other end ot a bell which they hung on a hook above the grave. If she was wrongfully pronounced dead, she would wake up and ring the bell and they could dig up the grave.

The girl's mother would not leave the grave and her husband feared she would die of exposure if she didn't come inside. He gave her an injection of morphine and brought her into the house.

The next morning when the father visited the grave of his daughter, he noticed that the bell had been rung "off the hook" and was now laying on the ground. He immediately began to dig, but his efforts were too late. Mary was dead by the time they got to her, but when she had woken in the night, she had scratched and clawed at the top of the coffin. Her hands were all bloody and her nails were stuck in the wood of the coffin.

The way to call her,  Bloody Mary,  is to stand  in the dark in front of a mirror and say her name 3 times, turning around in place after each time. After the third time you will see her behind you in the mirror and she will scare you to death. 

Regardless ...... we do not advocate messing around doing this summonsing of Mary which is a very dangerous so - called game and one that yes we are all guilty of and do all have horror stories of doing this also many many moons ago. 




Light as a feather, stiff as a board, sometimes known as party levitation, is a game often played by children at slumber parties.  One participant lies flat on the floor, and then the others space themselves around him/her, each placing a few fingers underneath his/her body. They then start chanting "light as a feather, stiff as a board" and eventually lift their friend, using what feels like surprisingly little effort. In reality, the participants are tricking their minds, by way of the chanting, into believing that the person being lifted is "light as a feather". The body still reacts to the command from the brain, but the mind perceives it differently. Simply put, five (example) people can easily lift one person, especially when those five people are tricking their minds into thinking that the person is light-weight.

In one variation the person being lifted is told a story about their death and asked to imagine it happening to him/her. It serves the dual purpose of "freaking out" the participants and convinces the participants that it will be easier to lift this person.

However, it is interesting to note that in many versions, each of the (in the example) five people lifting the other person uses only one or two of his or her fingers on each hand to do the lifting. It is particularly easy to lift a heavy weight when it is evenly distributed amongst a group of four people. The phenomena of the weight seeming less on the second try around or after some sort of ritual is due to increased focus and the "lifters" being more in sync with one another.

Another reason for the apparent success of the levitation is the "self fulfilling prophecy" concept. The lifters know it's supposed to be heavy and not work the first time so subconsciously they don't put in the effort required to do the lift the first time around. The second time around they are focused and putting in the effort in order to prove to others, and even more so themselves... that it actually works.


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