The R-I-P-S

Researchers-In-Paranormal-Specters Streator, Illinois

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Please note that all of these   places    we have gained written permission signed by the significant owners

or caretakers to be in there at anytime that we feel the need or the want to do anykind of an investigation.  Entering any cemetery after sunset is strictly

enforced with the tresspassing laws and law enforcement within all area's.  




In town investigations slated:


The Majestic Theatre

The Odd Fellows Hall local 

Bodas Electric

Schultz Hotel

Indian Burial Grounds

Streator National Guard Armory Building

The Streator Rec Center


Although we have done the infamous HILL HOUSE here in Streator twice now...... we do have permission from the current owner to do another investigation there inside for as long as we see fit.  The current owner however has been transfered out of town and it has been very hard to co-inside our schedules.

We are also scheduled to do THE BAKER HOUSE here on East Broadway St. in Streator.  We have done the preliminary interviews with the current owner and he is more then charged for our group to come and do an investigation. 

We really can't wait to do both of these infamous haunted houses here in Streator...... !!!

Also we do have alot of privately owned homes slated that we cannot divuldge their locations at this time. 

Out of town investigations slated:


Moon Creek / Moon Point Cemetery in Ancona, Illinois

Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery in Monmouth, Illinois

Cry Baby Bridge, in Monmouth, Illinois.

Cumberland Cemetery in Wenona, Illinois.

Hope Cemetery, in Henry County Illinois

Knox College, in  Galesburg, Illlinois

Knox Jail, in  Galesburg, Illinois

The Silver Slipper, in  Ottawa, Illinois

Overnighter @ Hadley's Cemetery, in Pontiac, Illinois

Starved Rock State Park, in Ottawa, Illinois

Saint Peter and Paul's Cemetery , in Leonore, Illinois


                                                                     "The Shining"

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