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Do you believe in Fairies ??

We did a full moon investigation on June 30, 2007 out at one of our favorite haunted desolated cemeteries....... Hadley's. On this particular night also being the full moon, the moon was also at it's closest that it could be to the earth and won't be again that close for like another 20 years of rotation.

Besides the normal drops in temperatures along with cold spots that we were all experiencing at different times in this cemetery...... this was a very strange night to say the least. We noted that there weren't any real significant "bug" activity IN the cemetery persay....... but it was all around the perimeter and outside of the cemetery itself. There were lightning bugs that were present......... but we have done this cemetery SO many times before and the bugs usually are so LOUD that they tend to interfere with our EVP recordings.

Along with the usual orbs that were captured on camera with over 400 pictures taken during this investigation. When coming back here to The RIPS HQ and downloading all of these we truly feel and think here that we have captured a FAIRY or FAIRIES on camera here..........??  These pictures do have us all baffled here at The RIPS.  Of course we have captured alot of so-called bugs during many investigations, but never have captured anything remotely close to this particular....... bug??

I have never in all 25+ years of Ghost Hunting or investigating have captured anything such as this on film?  I am just so thankful that Joanne - one of our newest RIPS family team members did happen to capture this amazing picture and it also has one of our investigators, Jamie in this picture also to show the size of this then.  This "seems" to appear to be as large as Jamie's head and also ironically that night Jamie was wearing a Tinkerbell sweatshirt.... is this a twinkiedink then or

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Close up of this ......... strange bug / fairy. 

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Enhanced coloration by my friend Dan.

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Here is a totally different picture taken that night by investigator Craig which we also feel does resemble the one above with the exception of this being a frontal view perhaps?  Granted this was captured at some distance though.  But the color variations are so much similiar to the one of Joanne's above.


Close up of this one, note the contrasting colors that are here that are also in the one that investigator Joanne captured.

Third picture taken here by investigator Julie ....but of a different view, almost as if it is turning.
Close up of this picture, we are not sure of this one though please note.

                         Some interesting information on Fairies

Some known facts about Fairies here.
~ "An imaginary Supernatural being" -Websters English Dictionary
~ In a broader sense a fairy is a magical supernatural being and could therefore include all of the types of fairies below
~ A fairy is most commonly known to be a small human like creature with wings

Who are Fairies?

Fairies are tiny magical creatures, filled with the powers of shape-changing and invisibility, who are found in one form or another in almost every culture. The name 'fairy' comes from the latin fata, meaning fate. The Fates were three women who spun and controlled the webs of life. Fairies are especially associated with the ancient traditions of Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, Northern Europe and Scandinavia, to name but a few.

There are a number of explainations for fairies. These include them being nature spirits, guardians of the souls of the dead and Satan's fallen angels. They are invisible except to those blessed with second sight or when they see fit to reveal themselves. They live either in plants and woodland or under the earth, in a land where time doesn't exist.

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Also it was asked from us here if we might have happened to find any "fairy ring" during this investigation.  We didn't happen to notice any of these out at this particular cemetery, although we have come across a rather large one though out at Eagle Township Cemetery though.
( curtesy of Wikipedia)

In English folklore, fairy rings were said to be caused by, elves, fairies or pixies dancing in a circle, wearing down the grass beneath their feet. Toads would then sit on the mushrooms, poisoning them; hence the name toadstool. In Sussex they were called, ďhag tracksĒ, in Devon people thought that fairies caught young horses and rode them in circles.

In Scandinavian folklore, these circles were attributed to elves or witches and were called šlvdanser, i.e. elf dances, šlvringar, or heksering.

In German-speaking Europe, fairy rings are known as Hexenringe, or "witches rings", stemming from an old medieval belief that the rings represented places where witches would have their gatherings. In Austria people thought that dragons breath burned the land. Similar myths to those in German folklore can be found in Czech, Slovak, Polish and even Russian folk tales. In the Czech language they are called Ťarodžjnť kruhy, as they are thought to have been caused by a dragons having a rest at those places.

Another myth states that fairy rings are doors into the fairies' world, transporting people to other places or making people appear in the same place in a different time. Young ladies are also warned not to touch dew situated on the grass within the ring, due to the belief that it can cause skin problems

These were take out at Eagle Township Cemetery last August on "girls night out"... notice the vast size of this "fairy ring" in which we were very drawn to this also.
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Please note that we here at The RIPS have sent this picture off to many for evaluation.  These are professional photographers, sceintists, spirit photographers, and recently to a well known university to be evaluated too.  We will keep adding the information here as it comes back to us with the various opinions....... thank you for your patience........ Kay.




Now in chatting with one of my good friends from England who is not a "Ghost Hunter" but is a very deep faceted man and very knowledgeable on alot of different subjects......... he offered these observations here..

"As you probably know, banshee's are a harbinger of death, so there's the death association again."Well I can tell you why you probably saw faeries but I can't say I'm positive but generally during the full moon is when the veil between our world and the other worlds are the thinest... including the seelie court. Yes. The seelie court is where faeries live, good faeries - according to legend.And the unseelie court is where the wicked, evil ones reside.Well supposedly faeries and spirits live on the edge of human life, and use the same pathes into our worlds... and in fact actually there are stories about a black faerie that is kind of like the death angel.Faeries are much like spirits, they all act on their own accord, wicked or not... some are evil, some are good."

" DEATH ROAD!!!!!!!! "

"Do you know what a death road is? Okay well long ago before we had hearses and whatever else, there were paths to each cemetery and between cemeteries that were trodden during funeral processions, carried coffins of the deceased down these paths, over and over for years. This is considered a death road because supposedly when they have been used so much, they become a death road, a spirit path easier for them to walk and supposedly it's said that down these roads, faeries would flit from here to there because of the veils being so thin.. they would use them as doorways, if you's a theory, but either way... they are associated with death and spirits in so many ways and in so many cultures."



Dear Kay i have had a good look at the photos which i have used for no other purpose than to examine and they remain your copyright/RIPs This is only my opinion and may not be correct

The brown colour that was remarked on by someone else is actually behind the anomaly not part of it so i do not think this is part of the wing there is slight motion trial but not much in the wing area,this is good news because it proves that the anomaly was not added in to the photo which i didn't think it was but you may get people who will say that . The photo was hard to zoom in on because once it was over a certain size it went all pix elated.

My original opinion about the flash remains,that it is hard to see how the flash illuminated the anomaly with it being that high up,unless there happened to be another team member in the vicinity who was taking a photo at the same time.and they had their camera higher than the person who took that photo !

The anomaly does NOT seem to be close to the lens ,so i would rule out that it was a small insect near the lens which would make it look larger.therefore it is a huuuuuggggee insect if it is one !! i have to say that i am baffled !!! and i would send it to a photographer with much more experience than me,it is definitely worth looking at closer...sorry i was not much help.


Hi Kay,

As I mentioned, my background is in biology, but primarily fish and mammals...however, my associate is an entomologist. I sat down with him today and enhanced your fairy photo with colors and contrasts. The lower right shows a definate abdominal segmentation of an insect. Moving up from lower right to upper left shows an insect body plan of abdomen, thorax, and head. After viewing the enhancements with my friend, the body shape is not that of a moth. A grasshopper looked promising but did not fit the photo's body plan (and are not active at night). The most likely insects are some beetles (that have a wing covering that lifts to reveal the wings), or even more likely a termite (the winged kind). Both of these imply that the subject was smallish (yes, even for insects--small). Below, is an enhanced photo (we had others that showed the abdominal segmentation in even more detail with depth between the abdomen and wings and legs). I hope this helps...and we had fun playing with the photo as well as entertaining the thought of the existence of fairies.

Usually biologists work with specimens or ecosystems and not photos alone. Our best guess from the photo is a small flying member of the termite family. The augmentation shows definite segmentation and an insect body plan. There are hundreds of thousands of named insect species and more being discovered all the time. (Who knows, you may be on to a new species of insect rather than wee folk!) You are welcome to refer to us as biologists from the University of Louisville although we are not on staff, and work with Louisville Metro Health as Environmental Health Specialists.
It will be difficult to get a definitive exact species from the photograph, but maybe.... I would like to believe in many things and do believe in ghosts/spirits based on my experience. I am also a scientist and evaluate harshly so that something unexplained is really something special (and rare) as it should be. That needle in the haystack is worth the search! so thank you for your work and search. I would be honored to advise on anything you might want to share.



Hi Kay!

My first response when I looked at the photo was yes! I looked again and that has to be a huge moth but I dont think so! I look around the area as well as the subject and that also tells me alot. My friend, in my opinion I feel that a fairy is what you have! Some people analyze things to the extremity they lose their actual perception. I feel and see as well that it is from the fairy realm. I am not a professional PHD or have professional experience in determining whether it is or not! I go by my feelings and inner guidance so I would say it is of the fairy realm and very beautiful. There are no coincidences either I believe, and the tinkerbell shirt is no coincidence either! LOL! Beautiful photo Kay!!
Love to you and hope I helped some. :)


                                           "Peter Pan Love Song .............Memories........"

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