The R-I-P-S

Researchers-In-Paranormal-Specters Streator, Illinois

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To play these EVP's please double left click, and turn speakers up. Please note that we use a sound editing program to filter and amplify these sound clips.






These EVP's are all taken out at Eagle Point Cemetery gate1.wav

This is an EVP that our group got at Eagle Cemetery of a gate that either is opening or closing .......the funny thing is there isn't any gates out there, and haven't been for a number of years!!!!

This EVP was also captured at Eagle Cemetery, as of yet, we are unable to determine exactly what is being said.

This EVP was taken at the same place and a group member was saying, " It  would be funny if there were underground cables",  and laughed.  Then on the tape there was a response, "It's funny!".

Here is another EVP that we got at Eagle Cemetery in Streator.  When we reviewed this tape in particular there was a foreign language being spoken.  One of our members is of Indian decent and asked for the translation from two different Indians that he knows.  " Glo wonka ... Ola, Ola" which both Indians translated that into meaning, " Spirit's among you..... welcome, welcome."

Downtown local Streator building......... more to come!

This EVP was taken at a local building here in Streator.  One of our investigators asks who they are.  Here is another direct response to a question asked.  You will  hear  a male saying, "shhhhhhhhhhh......... Robert Franklin. "


Activity is always found at RIPS headquarters...... hence why it is.......... AHAHAHAHA!!

This EVP was recorded at RIPS headquarters........... think that it speaks for it's self as it says "GET OUT"

This is another EVP recorded on the same night at RIPS headquarters on Friday the 13th, October, 2006.  While sitting around with recorders rolling we tried to contact anyone that could be here with us at the moment.  Besides a lighter being tossed across the room,  you will hear a coaster rattling on the coffee table to our surprise, in which there wasn't anyone around this coaster.

In this EVP at RIPS headquarters lights upstairs were found on.  For years and years not only lights turn on, but also doors open and close on their own upstairs there.  After finding lights on again, Kay and Bean headed upstairs with tape recorder and cameras in tow.  You will hear Kay ask,  "Did you turn the light's on?" and a male voice is heard on the tape sarcasticly answering, "You think I'm stupid?"

Hadley's Cemetery... one of our favorite places!!  These EVP's here are from the full moon night of August 9, 2006.  There was alot of activity there that night, our home page pic of the ecto plasmic mist is also from that night .

The third EVP from Hadley's Cemetery you will hear Chris ask if there is anyone that wants to communicate with us....... then you will hear the same voice in the same monotone voice say...... "You slut."

This EVP is also from Hadley's Cemetery, while group member Chris talks about a death date, you will hear a voice from beyond say "come to us".  This EVP also has two voices saying this phrase.'s cemetery1.wav

This EVP was also recorded at Hadley's Cemetery.  You will hear member  Connie say,  remember Mary how to get out of here ....and then toward the end "OK"'s cemetery2.wav

Another EVP also from Hadley's Cemetery on the full moon.... You will hear a member say, if something more happens..... then you hear a childlike voice reply....... "mom".

These EVP's were recorded during a recent investigation at an undisclosed Streator home on October 26, 2006

In this one you will hear a man say, "Flash" before an investigator calls out his flash for his camera.   This one was a response to what he was GOING to say.

Up in this attic on the same night at this local Streator home, you will hear an investigator ask to tell me your name...... then we get a distinct name being said, "Richard". fine.wav

In this attic EVP clip you will again hear being asked  if you are happy here...... and the response to the answer was the same male voice that answers to we think Richard saying............ "You're fine." there back.wav

A 2nd group of investigators went up to the attic and you can here a voice saying............."NOW THEY'RE BACK"

After a bang was heard upstairs when we were all on the first floor four of the investigators headed upstairs.  Two cameras batteries were zapped immediately, then we get what is a different language which we can't seem to translate here......... "I cei eit gihintch"............. we have no clue what this means??

Here when we all were on the first floor........ this EVP calls out one of our group members names................ "Mary".

This EVP was obtained shortly after the big bang mentioned above, all three investigators batteries where immediately drained on cameras as soon as they got upstairs.  This EVP was caught while at the foot of the stairs. You will hear a conversation between two subjects:

Subject #1 "Okay,"  Subject 2: "Let's look," Subject #1: "Let's see"   Subject #2 ends with a reply "How much blood is on the edge of me?"

These EVP's were recorded at Wenona Cemetery the date was 07-24-06...... more to come or help me.wav

We have a matter of opinion of what this EVP we think is saying either......."Hug me Chris"....OR....... "Not me Please"......OR "Help me Please"


Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) is the appearance of intelligible voices on recording medium that has no known physical explanation. Many of the voices are thought to originate from deceased people. This is the primary reason that people first began experimenting with EVP. Others study EVP to better understand how and why it works, and to improve EVP experimental techniques.

The recording equipment need not be expensive or elaborate to work with EVP. As in any field of interest, some people are better at recording EVP than others. With patience, perseverance and good listening techniques, you should be able to record and hear EVP messages.

The recorded voices may be very quiet and are often difficult to hear and understand at first. Most EVP experimenters say that they have developed an “ear” for the sounds, after learning to distinguish them from background noise. The voices can often be recognized as male or female, young or old. Messages usually last two seconds or less and are most often two to four words. The words may be spoken very quickly, and there is often a distinctive cadence to EVP voices.

Basic Equipment Needed

Audio Recorder—EVP has been recorded on all types of equipment. The built-in microphone on a portable tape recorder tends to pick up motor noise. Therefore, it is best to use an external microphone. It is also best to use a cassette tape deck with mechanical controls that allow easy, repeated review of the voices. Be sure the recorder has a counter. People report recording EVP on telephone answer machines and many other devices that do not have external microphones. IC recorders (digital note takers) are fast becoming the recorder of choice, but they are best used with a computer to analyze and store the recordings.

Microphone—A microphone will help you make a record of your comments during the recording session, and introduce external sound sources. EVP messages will have more meaning if you have a record of the questions asked and the recording circumstances.

Headphones—Since the EVP voices frequently are not loud, many voices will be missed unless headphones are used. The earmuff type, which completely covers the ear, is usually used.

Tape—Any low noise, high sensitivity tape may be used. 60-minute tape (30 minutes each side) is recommended.

Speaker—A separate speaker is not necessary but is good to have. With the speaker, everyone in the room can hear.

Recording Procedure—General

Scheduling—Entities will speak on tape at any time of day or night. In the beginning, however, it is advisable to record at a regular time and place. By doing this, the entities learn when you will be recording. After making a connection with the entities, you will be able to collect EVP at any time and in any location. Try to find a place that will be quiet and free of interruptions. Background sounds are okay, but it is important that you are aware of these so that you will recognize what sounds are natural and what sounds are EVP. Keep your recordings short. You will want to listen to each part of the recording very carefully and this can take time.

Background Sound Source—We have found that the entities use sounds in the environment to help form EVP messages. Most recording situations have some background sounds, but you may wish to add sound to your recording environment. A fan, a radio tuned off-station or running water will work. Some people use foreign language radio or audio tapes. The entity will sometimes remodulate your voice or other sounds in the environment. The lower quality IC recorders have a relatively noisy sound circuit and do not generally require added noise. As a rule of thumb, the higher the quality recorder, the more added sound is needed.

Recording—Vocalize your comments during an EVP session. Many experimenters begin with a short prayer and an invitation to friends on the other side to participate in the experiment. It can be helpful to begin an experiment by speaking your name and the date. We have found that the entities will often come through as soon as the recorder is turned on. These beginning messages are often the loudest, so it is a good idea to turn on the recorder and wait a few seconds before announcing yourself and then ask questions. Your questions should be recorded, and you should leave a period of time between each comment for the entities to respond.

Some experimenters make an “appointment” with the intended entity the day before during prayer or meditation. Some also provide feedback before the session so that the entities will know how the last experiment went. It is not necessary to record in the dark. You will find that experimenters try all sorts of devices and energy sources to help the entities communicate. You may also want to put written questions in the EVP experiment area the day before. We are told the entities can read these and may respond accordingly.

Playback—The paranormal voice is usually not heard until playback of the tape. Experimenters report that the voices tend to become stronger and clearer as the entities gain in experience, but at first the voices may speak in whispers. Voices may not be recorded in every session and it may take several sessions for you to discover the first voice. Hearing the voices is a learned ability. The entities seem to learn through practice how to come through more frequently and more loudly.

Classes of Voices—A Class A voice can be heard and understood over a speaker by most people. A Class B voice can be heard over a speaker, but not everyone will agree as to what is said. A Class C voice can only be heard with headphones and is difficult to understand. Class B or C voices may have one or two clearly understood words. Loud does not equal Class A.

Keeping a Log—Maintaining a record of recording results is very helpful. Include the date, time, place on the counter where the message is received, the message itself, and the question asked. Be sure to label the tapes. Experimenters report that they feel weather may affect results. This web site has geomagnetic and solar reports. There is also a link for moon phase information.

Computer Recording

You can substitute a computer for the tape recorder if you wish. Your computer should have an audio input jack, speakers, headphone jack and sound player application of some form. Windows comes with a Sound Recorder application that will work. A sound editor like Audition or Goldwave is most popular because these applications allow for easy amplification, filtering and reversing of the sound files. You can either make the recording on a tape recorder and then play the tape into the computer for review, editing and storage, or attach a microphone directly to the computer and use the sound editor as a tape recorder. When transferring into a computer, make sure the computer is set for “Line In” recording in “Sound and Multimedia” in the “Control Panel” of your Personal Computer. If you must take sound from the “Earphone” jack of your recorder, consider purchasing an “attenuating cord” to match the difference in resistance between the two jacks. Radio Shack can help.

A note about IC recorders

If you are using a digital note taker, we recommend that you listen to the playback in a quality tape recorder or in your computer. You will be surprised at the quality of the sound track when it is not listened to with the little built-in speaker. You need not use an external microphone, as the devices do not make internal noise.

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