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Clues To Use to Recognize a Poltergeist

1. Objects are tossed or moved about by an unseen force.

2. Mysterious knockings, rappings, and other noises are heard by members in the household.

3. There is an adolescent in the home-- more so if this is a girl.

4. The teenager in question is experiencing emotional turmoil.

5. The paranormal activity stops when the teen is absent.

6. Apparitions are usually not seen.

Six Signs of a Haunting

1. Pets react to something others can't see, such as growling at thin air or refusing to enter a particular area, or their hair does stand on end.  Cats, we have found seem to be more in-tuned then dogs... but that is just from our own observations. 

2. People in the household are having nightmares, not just ordinary dreams..... but truly nightmares.

3. Objects are mysteriously misplaced and often returned just as mysteriously either in the same place, a different place or sometimes not for long periods of time also. 

4. Electrical appliances turn themselves on or off..... such as lights.   The tap water turns on or  the toilets will  flush by themselves.

5. Unexplained and significant cold drafts or cold spots are felt.

6. Footsteps, raps on the walls, or voices are heard.


Most Common Places Apparitions are Seen

1. Peering out of windows

2. On staircases

3. In hallways

4. Perched in chairs

5. In mirrors


Though many ghosts are thought to stay simply because they are fond of a place, most hauntings are believed to be caused by one of the following situations:

1. Murder. Unsovled killings especially seem to precipitate ghosts. Often when the murder is solved the ghost moves on.

2. Suicide. Committed in an intense state of torment, the bruised soul is in so much pain it remains earthbound.

3. Accidents. Falls, drownings, fatal fires, car wrecks, and other sudden deaths seem to be more often tied to hauntings than passings from natural causes.

4. Broken hearts. Those who die mourning a lost love or child are often traced to the source of ghost activity.

5. Greed. A preoccupation with land or money has at times been carried to the beyond. There are many reports of possessive beings who cannot seem to let go of their earthly valuables.

6. Lack of proper burial or a later desecration of the grave. Countless hauntings have been traced to missing gravestones or vandalism of a resting place.



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