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Orbs for some reasoning seem to be the most photographed by not only by all  Ghost Hunters but by more and more people lately, in which we are sent many for our consideration.  Please though keep the photos coming to us for consideration of being hosted on this website.  

When investigating any area it is always a good idea and back up to prove any photographic evidence by also taking video's, and 35 mil. still camera, not just always from a digital camera.   Some digitals cameras do have and can alter pictures.   We  always carry all of them with us,  including  disposable 35 cameras with flash. 

Most orbs it used to be  believed  that they were a great find on any investigation, but they have many causes though.  Alot of these are and we do find when analized are just dust particles, bugs, and some can be found to be caused from the environment mainly from any humid type of situations...... in which we do try to prove or to disprove.   

We try when entering any place of investigation not to disturb to much of our surroundings and to always take a lengthly series of pictures from both digital and still cameras.  Plus we do note any humidity in the air, and we NEVER allow anyone to ever smoke on any investigations. 

We do hope to ad some good examples of the above and what exactly to be aware of when taking pictures. 

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Orb - A form of supernatural energy, usually round in shape and quite mobile.

- An opening or rip through which spirits enter the physical world,
these look like little tornados in varying colors(see color chart belowe

Fog – A cross between an orb and mist, fog is less dense than mist and usually
has uniform coverage of the area it occupies.

- Mist requires a great amount of effort to form and looks like smoke or
breath in cold weather. In most cases is a result of the combined efforts of
several spirits

– An energy impression created by an extremely strong emotional
experience, whether good or bad. These imprints are not actual spirits.  Rather,
these are more traditional hauntings, involving apparitions and repeated

- A non-earthbound energy is commonly called a spirit. These entities
can travel between the other side and physical world.

- An earthbound energy, not necessarily attached to a particular area.


White - A very high-frequency energy usually associated with protection.  Can
provide shielding and indicate the presence of protective energy or prayer

Gold - Free flowing energy and a high, light, healing radiance. Forgiveness,
letting go, and tolerance.

Yellow - A reflection of analysis or mental activity. Can indicate caution,
procrastination, strategy or planning.

Yellow-Green - Psychic growth/development.

Green - Flexibility, adaptability, recovery from illness, or any shift in basic
priorities in their lifetime (healing, fertility).

Pink - Affinity, fondness, openness

Peach - Reflects an ability to comfort and reassure others.

Clear Red - Vitality; a reflection of robust good health and high energy.

Red - A sign of physical pain, stress, frustration, or restlessness.

Dark Red - Suppressed anger or pain; sometimes psychological or
emotional impairment.

Dark Blue - A form of shielding energy that deflects attention; allows one to
blend into the   self-consciousness, shyness, or highly developed survival instincts.

Light Blue - Tranquility, peacefulness of mind, ability to project calmness to

Pilot Light Blue - Shielding from outside energies or emotions.

Turquoise - Amusement, neutrality.

Purple - Stored information, memory banks. Can reflect dogmatic beliefs,
tradition, old programming.

Violet - A reflection of active spiritual seeking.  Indicates a sorting of old

Lavender - A reflection of spiritual belief or philosophy that has been well sorted
through.  Someone who is at peace with their idea of God will have lavender in the
outermost band of the aura.

Orange - A basic healing energy, it reflects personality traits of quick
reaction and rapid readjustment.

Silver - Power, externalized energy to create outside effects, challenge. It can
be a reflection of telekinetic energy.

Brown - A strong connection to the earth can produce a color somewhere
between brown, rust or tan. These are very rare, only seen in those who spent a
great deal of time in the wilderness or in natural surroundings, away from others.

Multi Color - Here is a shot we got of a multi color orb, are thoughts are that
maybe it is a mixture of all the energies in one.

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                                                                 "The Entity"

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