The R-I-P-S

Researchers-In-Paranormal-Specters Streator, Illinois

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R-I-P-S Headquarters @ 314

Researchers In Paranormal Specters was founded by our founder, Kay (Norris) Emm, who has lived in the house below her entire life.  Strange occurences that have happened to all family members and visitors led to the curiosity of the paranormal.  

The group focuses on utilizing different research techniques to communicate and interact with those who might linger on this earth in the afterlife.   The group gets together regularly and completes their investigations strictly as a time to enjoy their friendship with one another and as a hobby that they have all been interested in.  

In an attempt to not cause any harm to team members and expand the chances for a good investigation, RIPS investigates with an open mind and does not tolerate any negative energy to exist within the group.

Strange mist captured outside of The RIPS HQ ..... this was shot with a 35m camera and no there isn't any street lights or any neighboring lights close by that would or could explain this either. 
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Close up of this "fog" outside of RIPS HQ
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Taken upstairs at RIPS HQ in one of the most notoriously haunted rooms ......this is the first picture taken and yes this was with 35m film .... all of the negatives were analyzed by my dad who was a professional photographer for over 50 years, and he had absolutely NO explaination, nor did my brother who was also a photographer and helped my dad in the family business, and also happened to take these shots too.
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Seconds later this picture was taken and this "evil dark entity" is now totally gone.... well almost,lol.
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There are always strange occurances that happen on any given day or night at RIPS HQ.....Here is a picture that was shot right after my daughter visiting here was grabbed on the back of her leg.  This is the first picture taken and NO there wasn't anything wrong with my camera here either.  In fact this is my best camera and the most faitful one that I have here..... I shot a whole series around the room split seconds after she was grabbed and this shot we do believe holds several pictures of "different" people in this. 
I have had two different psychic's ask what it is that I do, because they both saw MANY spirits around me, when I told them what I did then they knew the reasoning as to why then..... because I care. 
My daughter who is very psychically intuned to many different things I have a feeling on this particular day was bringing out allot of things here.  A member was also here at the time visiting from The WIPS who during this visit we all happened to hear unexplained "growling" coming from the hallway behind us prior to my daughter being grabbed.  Erin is also now a PI in trianing and very good at what she does bring to this group.
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Close up of what we do believe to be a picture of the original homeowner of RIPS HQ here.
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Here is a "one and only" picture of the original homeowner of  this great house that we were fortunate to obtain....... we do think that this really does resemble the "person" captured in the middle here?  You be the judge.........??
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There is never a dull here at RIPS HQ.  Especially in the one room upstairs where almost all of the team has had an experience here or two, or three.  In the pictures to follow here these were taken on April 28th, 2004.  Granted nobody even goes upstairs here unless we do happen to notice an unexpected light turned on from the outside of the house.  I have become accustomed to this, as all of the team when leaving here of a night to take notice in all the upstairs and also the basement windows.  It seems as if when nobody has gone to either floor then they do try as they might to get our attention by turning on a light. 

On this particular early night of April 28th, two of us had been here and had left for the night.  We were also getting ready to put on The Streator Hobby Show the following weekend as most of The RIPS team members are also members of this local organization as well. 

We had to come back here to pick up more supplies needed for the annual show and when we pulled into the driveway one of the guys noticed that the maids bedroom light was on.  Again, no one had been up there and prior to our leaving about 1/2 hour before all was well as we had left this house. 

Needless to say we grabbed equipment and headed upstairs, in total darkness with the exception of the maids bedroom light being on.  Immediately I asked whoever had turned this light on to NOW turn it off.... no responce, lol.  

My one investigator who happened to be with me at the time his batteries got zapped almost immediately from his camera in which they were brand new also.  I did although manage to shoot into the following room and saw in my viewfinder THIS!!!!!   

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Granted this was shot into this infamous room in total darkness and neither one of us had entered this room as this was shot from the hallway.  When I saw this huge bright orb in my viewfinder, I immediately shot again and said in the meantime......... "Show yourself to us."  The second picture here proves that they do acknowledge us and were intelligent enough to comply with my request to show themselves to us. 

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Then my batteries got immediately zapped and drained also.  By the time this investigator and myself came back down stairs and reloaded yet more fresh batteries and headed back upstairs...... we didn't get anything then at all, and all was back to normal upstairs here.  Why and who though would toy with us to the point or brink of "almost" being there. 

We have all come to the conclusion since that night here to always, ALWAYS carry a ton of battery back up.  It's always when you least expect it for more things to happen then. 

Now this picture is shot into the same room, only difference is that this was shot 3 yrs. later on April 13, 2007.  All of the members were meeting at RIPS HQ to head downtown to do an investigation of a local building.  When my one lead Chris got here she asked me if I knew that there was a light on upstairs.  I immediately guessed that it was a light turned on in the maids room, but only this time it was the butlers room who's light was turned on.  Shortly after that investigator Tim came here and so the three of us headed upstairs with EMFdeterors, thermal therometers, audio recorders, and camers in tow. 

This picture was shot from the hallway into this infamous room..... note that again that rather large orb does appear in aprox the very same spot.  We were getting high EMF readings, and some temp spikes as well.   Very interesting though the proximity of this orb though. 

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It is nothing to come here at any given time of the day or night and to find things that just aren't explained.  Such as below this picture of The Dutchess of Davanshire has hung on this wall in the middle livingroom since I can remember.  One day I came here and found this picture hanging like this.This is an extremely heavy picture, and is very well securely hung on this wall.  I have yet to find this picture like this........ yet again.......... lol. 

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Within the next few days I happened to find the doors heading upstairs to the second floor opened. 
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It is pretty common here at RIPS HQ to see orbs even with the naked eye flying around this house, and nothing at any given time to hear bangs on the inside walls either. 
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                       THE RIPS TEAM MEMBERS

             Kay Emm, Founder / Lead Investigator             

Dave McCoy, Senior Investigator

Chris Kitner, Paranormal Investigator

Mary Mackjust, Paranormal Investigator

Connie Burash, Ottawa, Illinois, Paranormal Investigator

Trish Puckett, Ransom, Illinois,  Paranormal Investigator

Craig Kitner, Paranormal Investigator

Doug Mackjust, Parananormal Investigator

Erin Marconi, Paranormal Investigator  

Kathy Mose, Paranormal Investigator 

Boogie Dean, Lead EVP Tech & Paranormal Investigator

Scot Huxtable, Wenona, Illinois, Paranormal Investigator

Wendy Kavinsky, Ottawa, Illinois, PI in training

Tim Lock, Paranormal Ivestigator

Carey Eplin, PI in training

Jamie Lock, Paranormal Investigator

Tonya Fialko, PI in training (rest in peace our dear friend)

Tina Derossett, PI in training

Joanne Burcar, Paranormal Investigator , Ottawa, IL.

Julie Sieber, PI in training

Staci Harcharik, PI in training

Mike Sieber, PI in training

Dawn Hicks, PI in training , LaSalle, IL.

Amanda Rose Hicks - Barnhardt, PI in training, Marseilles, IL.


RIPS Chapter Members

The New York RIPS

The Scotland RIPS

Associated Members

Sondra Turpin / Co - Founder (Florida)

Reverend Ruth Ann Larson (Washington)

Jesse Risley

Jim Woodward

Kari Dodge

Steve Meadows

Mark Pellengretti

Mark Soberri

R.L. DEMRI , Long Island, New York

Tom Di, Queens, New York

Michael A.J. Livas - Porras, Christian Demonologist, Texas

Jamie "Undertaker" McCann, Canada


 email with any inquiries :
Team Members  pose during a break during an investigation during the November 4th, 2006 Full Moon Madness on founder Kay Emm's birthday
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More team members hard at work
Here are 13 members heading into a downtown building on April ........Friday the 13th for an indepth investigation
Members:  Kathy, Erin and Staci taking a break outside during this investigation..... caught ya!! 
Members: Jamie, Scot, and Craig confering with equipment.
View from the balcony in this grand old building..... members:  Erin, Staci, Jamie, Tim, Chris and Craig.
Members: Trish, Craig, Dave, Connie and Chris at Riverview Cemetery August 3, 2006.
Members: Kay, Connie, Mary and Trish ...... Riverview Cemetery August 3, 2006.
Members:  Julie, Jamie and Tim at Hadley Cemetery May 6, 2007.
Members Dave, Chris, and Trish at Hadleys Cemetery May 6, 2007.
Members Chris, Jamie, Kathy and Tonya at murder house investigation, April 19, 2007.
Members: Boogie Dean, Tim, Jamie and Chris at an undisclosed house investigation March 29, 2007.
Members: Chris and Carey doing an EVP session at same house March 29, 2007.
Members: Doug and Mary at Wenona Cemetery July 24, 2006.
Having a great investigation as always out at Hadley's Cemetery......... but making a statement for fun........with an implication of no association with any other local so-called groups here.   The RIPS holds exclusive rights to do any investigations at Hadley Cemetery ..... all others will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. 
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Hadley's Cemetery is always a challenge and no matter when we go out there for any investigations the place always proves to us to yes........ BE haunted.  We kind of like to think though that these poor souls that are there without ever anyone coming out to visit them but us have really taken a liking to us all too.
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                                              Our beloved Moses "Moe" our mascot here at The RIPS HQ. 

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Another adoption here at RIPS HQ ......... SKITTLES
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                                                                     "Hell Night"

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