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We are located in Streator IL if you are having problems with any kind of Paranormal activity in your house, business, or property in Illinois or anywhere then  please contact us via-our e-mail we will get back with you ASAP. 

We are very connected with many other paranormal groups, and if by chance we can help you then we sure will try to, or we will definitely lead you to a group that does have the same values as we do, and can help you in any way. We promise to find you a reputable group in your area.    

Our main goal is not fame here, but to be able TO help in any way possible that we can, and to further educate people in accepting the fact that there are other realms out there, and those that infiltrate back and forth into ours.  Whether they are good or evil. 

Send all inquiries to:

Thanks to all the RIPS members for sitting here and going through numerous pictures, audio tapes , and video clips.... to finally make our dream a reality with this website.  I know it was many painstaking hours of work to accomplish this, and let's hope that ALL of our years and years  of hard work will show here, and what it is that we truly do believe in! 

We have finally decided with putting up this website to come forward and out of the closet then in order to research further into what we truly do believe to be out there amongst us all, and to learn then why.  Plus we have helped many overcome their grief in losing loved ones, and  to be able to move on, cope, and understand. 

I am indebted to the people of this group, we are all close and like family....... and there is a reason that we are, and this works in order to be able to prove what we set out to prove. or to disprove. We welcome skeptics........... after all we are our worst own critics, and we rightfully should be................ Kay (founder).

We refrain from using ouija boards, seances or any other form of summoning up activity in order to research the paranormal.  Although we are a very religious group, many of us come from varied religious backgrounds, and respect each faith therefore respectufully. 

The RIPS name and all things within this site are the property of The Researchers In Paranormal Specters, main group located in Streator, Illinois, with other chapter groups throughout the U.S. and other countries.   

Reproduction of any material without written consent is a violation of the copyright laws, and is strictly prohibited.

©2006 The Researchers In Paranormal Specters

Here on our homepage are a series of four pictures taken at one of our favorite haunts, Hadley's Cemetery on Aug. 9th, 2006.  We were all standing outside the perimeter of the cemetery and happened to see a rather large "flash" coming from inside.    I told everyone that still happened to have any battery power left to shoot and shoot now......yay Mary for capturing these great pictures!! 

You can see investigator Mary was able to catch the bright flash of light in the first picture, and granted this is shot into the cemetery which happens to be located in a very remote area with dense trees surrounding this....therefore there couldn't be any outside interference at all with any of these pictures.  Many many faces are seen in this ectoplasmic mist forming, and then it is gone as fast as it did appear on film to us then. 

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UPDATE:  January 18, 2009

We have now been able to disclose all of our findings on the investigation of the murder house we did on April 19, 2007.  This crime has been solved and the murderer recently went to court.  We refrained on posting about this crime with the utmost respect for the victim and her family. 

Read all about this here:

UPDATED: October 3, 2008

Now we have been able to load more pictures to our "In Memory Of" page for our dear departed member Tonya Fialko who was tragically taken from this plane on November 9th, 2007.  These pictures loaded on this page we truly feel do capture the true "Tonya" and why and how we all loved her so much.....RIP our dear friend until we all meet again.

Also we have added a "Halloween Legend" page which we are still adding content to daily....please bear with us, as this is a work in progress but have opened the page up for all to view as we do add more content to. 

What's NEW: UPDATED September 13, 2008......... Here are some direct links to what new content on this site has been  added :

We have new RIPS team members check them out!  Welcome Dawn, and Manda to the team.  Also a new associate member from Canada...... welcome Undertaker!!

New awards to apply for that were designed by Undertaker....... check'em out!!!

The New York RIPS Chapter Team has added new EVP'S to their site page and also two new team members....check them out!!!

We have updated all the articles on the St. Stephen's Church located in Streator "miracle" sighting page, please view the articles that are now added to this page and  posted there. 

Check them out !!

Also added........ more pictures of US on the "About us page"!  Trying to get all 24 members here during

ALSO added.......... downtown building in Streator investigation of Friday April 13, 2007!!!  Check this out in "Business Investigations" !!



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                            The Scotland RIPS

                                                               The Shepherd

We at The RIPS sure hope that any of you that visit this website enjoy your visit and will come back often for updates, as we have years and years yet to load on this site.......... so please bear with us. 

We hope you also will sign our guest book and let us all know how we are doing  in our endeavors into our paranormal research............. thanks!!!

The RIPS Teams.

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